Nano Technology Products

Phyto cannabinoids, are either poorly soluble as all-natural cannabinoids are highly lipid soluble.

It is known that the delivery of these phyto cannabinoids is significantly influenced by their physicochemical properties, such as water solubility, partition coefficient, lipophilicity and crystallinity, and so on. It is been reported that, the oral bio availability of cannabinoids range from 13-19% and inhalation bioavailability is between 11-45% (mean 31%). To have higher bio availability, it is better to be formulated into a highly bio available compound using bio availability enhancers. A major obstacle in the development of cannabinoid-based drug has been the lower water solubility which makes it difficult to develop effective formulation for human use.

This difficulty is addressed by Clean Green Biosystems, after a research of almost 5 years.

Clean Green Biosystems have developed a patented process of producing a full spectrum water soluble nano cannabinoids called CANNABI-NA using a proprietary process and product called TRI-GET.

This water-soluble full spectrum phyto cannabinoids can be used in the manufacturing of

a) Oral drugs
b) Pulmonary drugs
c) Nasal drugs
d) Dermal drugs

Clean Green Biosystems developed a vehicle and the desired efficient formulation that addresses the challenge faced by medical cannabis industry.

To overcome the instability, poor water solubility, and to enhance the bioavailability of phyto cannabinoids, CGBS entraped the phyto cannabinoids into a matrix of nanoemulsion.

This Nano emulsion based delivery system (cannabina) have been proved to be one of the best platform to enhance the bio availability and biological effectiveness of phytocannabinoids.

These nano emulsion-based product (cannabina) has the potential to greatly increases the bioavailability of cannabis based products such as tablets, capsules, creams and sprays.

Our nano emulsions are having the following advantages (i) high kinetic or thermodynamic stability, which provides significantly better stability over unstable dispersions. (ii) either hydrophilic or lipophilic phytochemicals can be incorporated into the same nanoemulsions; and (iii) because of the small droplet sizes, phyto cannabinoids can be transported through the cell membranes much more easily, resulting in an increased phyto cannabinoid concentration in plasma and bioavailability.

We, Clean Green Biosystems offer the turn key solutions for producing the nano cannabinoids. The equipments conform to ASME standards.
Clean Green Biosystems, engineered the production system of water soluble nano phytocannabinoids.

This production system is having 3 bioreactors, one set of low temperature distillation system and its allied equipments.
The bioreactors are made as per ASME standards.
The capacity of the system shall be 10 kgs of finished products from 2000 kgs/batch.
The system can be manual and fully automated
The system can work on the specific PLC programs based on the formulation formula developed and validated by CGBS.
This is a closed loop system
The system is supplied as a skid mounted unit.
The interconnecting pipes, valves and fittings are as per pharma grade and FDA complaint raw materials.
The turnkey supply is always adhered to Design Qualification (DQ), Installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) of FDA norms of cGMP.
All electricals (cables, motors, switches, contactors etc) conform to international standards and its of FLP construction.