Low Temperature Short Contact Distillation Path

The miscella after the extraction of Phytocannabinoids from Solid-Liquid extraction methods of dry cannabis biomass or Hydrodynamic method of extraction of phytocannabinoids from fresh cannabis biomass, has to be distilled and concentrated (solvent recovery), to get a solvent free, highly concentrated full spectrum phytocannabinoids extract.

We, at Clean Green Biosystems, developed a PLC-SCADA based method of separating the bioactive molecules from cannabis, a method called Low Temperature Short Contact distillation path, which is combination of forced circulation evaporation and molecular distillation process.

Once the Solid-Liquid extraction is completed or Liquid – Liquid extraction in case of patented hydrodynamic technology, the miscella is collected in a tank. This miscella contains all the phytochemicals of cannabis plant and the solvent/solvent system. This miscella is taken for the evaporation through forced circulation evaporator and molecular distillation system. Depending upon the miscella volume, one can have single stage, double stage or multiple stage system.

The forced circulation evaporation system comprises of shell and tube heat exchangers, flasher evaporator and condensers (both primary and secondary)

The output of forced circulation evaporation is concentrated miscella, which contains high amount of cannabis phytochemicals. This is further concentrated in the molecular distillation unit.

A molecular distillation unit has a feed distributor, which distributes the miscella evenly as a thin film by the vipers, which increases the evaporation surface. The evaporated solvent is condensed in the internal condenser using chilled water and the thick/concentrated miscella is sent out by means of the vipers.

The solvent /solvent system is collected through a external vent condenser and used to extract further materials. The highly concentrated cannabis extract is thus collected for further process into different fractions or for direct usage.

Clean Green Biosystems design and install Low Temperature Short contact distillation path of flow rate ranging from 50 LPH to 5000 LPH.

Clean Green Biosystems design and install Low Temperature Short contact distillation path of evaporation rate ranging from 50 LPH to 5000 LPH.

Clean Green Biosystems decides the number of stages of Low Temperature Short Contact Distillation path depends on the volume of miscella to be processed and evaporation rate of the solvents.

The entire process is controlled by PLC-SCADA software with all process control systems like temperature control, flow control, vacuum control and product viscosity.

Significance of our Low Temperature Short Contact Distillation Path:

Clean Green Biosystems integrate the molecular distillation/short path distillation in the LTSCDP as molecular distillation is considered as the safest mode of separation and to purify the thermally unstable molecules and related compounds with low volatility and elevated boiling point.

The phytocannabinoids rich miscella is in contact with heat for a short time under high vacuum, thus low or no decomposition occurs.

It is an advanced vacuum distillation method performed by short-path evaporators. Distance between evaporator and condenser is extremely reduced which results in minimized pressure drop.

Molecular distillation is applied to thermally sensitive high molecular weight materials (range of 250 – 1200). Molecular weight of cannabinoids is 628.938; THC 314.45, Cannabidiol 314.46) The contact times in commercial units may be low as 0.001 seconds. The film thickness is of the order of 0.05 – 0.1 mm which is created by suitable vipers which are rotated on the cylindrical vessel.

This method gives a highly bioactive cannabis extract which contains intact cannabis phytochemicals as the over all process sequence is done in low temperature and short residence time with heating elements.

We support our clients with the operation manuals of the supplied plants, SOP’s and maintenance services. Also, we impart training of the technical staffs of our clients during and after the commissioning of the plants.

The specialty of our equipments and Plant and machineries are:

a) All our equipments are made with pharma grade SS materials.
b) We provide Zero bacteria valves.
c) Our piping work conforms to pharma grade.
d) Our plants are always versatile in nature.
e) We provide all electrical items with FLP construction.
f) Our plants are integrated with efficient solvent recovery systems.
g) We provide skid mounted plant and machineries.
h) We also offer cGMP plants.