Clean Green Biosystems

Clean Green Biosystems offers turnkey projects of phyto cannabinoids extraction. We undertake design, fabrication, supply, erection and installation, testing and commissioning of cannabis extraction system, keeping the motto “Green Technology- Clean Ecology; Clean Technology Green Ecology

Our company is promoted by a team of experienced, technically competent & industrially knowledged personalities in the area of Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Phytochemistry, Process Engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, design engineering, electrical and automation engineering.

All our process technologies are based on intense research and development. We also do new process development according to the client’s needs. We are supported by a strong fabrication facility which helps in fabricating and installing the process equipments and machineries. This fabrication facility is supported by mechanical engineers, CADD specialists’ instrumentation and piping engineers and welders and other resources

Solvent Extraction System

Clean Green Biosystems offer turnkey solvent extraction system for phyto cannabinoids extraction from dry cannabis material. The solvents shall be ethanol, hexane, chloroform or ethyl acetate.

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Hydrodynamic Extraction System

Fresh cannabis biomass cell fragmentation under intense hydrodynamic shear force releases bioactive compounds such as CBD, THC and terpenoids from the plant cells, because of the epidermis breaking

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Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction

We at Clean Green Biosystems has developed an integrated Cryo ethanol extraction process after a long research of 5 years. The extraction system comprises of ASME and cGMP complaint process equipments like Extractor

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Low Temperature Short Contact Distillation Path

The miscella after the extraction of Phytocannabinoids from Solid-Liquid extraction methods of dry cannabis biomass or Hydrodynamic method of extraction of phytocannabinoids from fresh cannabis biomass

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Nano Technology Products

Phyto cannabinoids, are either poorly soluble as all-natural cannabinoids are highly lipid soluble.Clean Green Biosystems have developed a patented process of producing a full spectrum water soluble nano cannabinoids called CANNABI-NA

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