Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction

We at Clean Green Biosystems has developed an integrated Cryo ethanol extraction process after a long research of 5 years. The extraction system comprises of ASME and cGMP complaint process equipments like Extractor, shell and tube heat exchanger, condenser, pumps and accessories. The entire process shall be operated by means of a PLC-SCADA software. The system is fixed in a SS cladded skid.

The extractor is a SS 316 jacketed vessel with a high torque agitation system with FLP motor and a gearbox, whose RPM shall be adjusted by a VFD. The bottom of the extractor is detachable by means of a hydraulic power pack which helps in the easy disposal of spent cannabis materials. A recirculation line is available using a FLP pump with VFD, to regulate the flow of miscella.

A suitable shell and tube heat exchanger is the part of the system, through which the ethanol is passed into the extractor. Liquid nitrogen is passed into the shell side of the heat exchanger which cools the ethanol to cryo temperature. This liquid nitrogen is recirculated using a liquid nitrogen transducer. The liquid nitrogen can also be passed to the jacket of the extractor to maintain the process temperature.

Frozen and size reduced cannabis plant material is charged into the extractor. The size of cannabis plant material is critical in this case. Simultaneously the cryo ethanol is sent into the extractor. The programmed PLC will switch on the agitator at a specific time. After few hours of extraction, the re circulation starts as to ensure a high efficient extraction. The integration of agitation and re circulation maximizes the extraction efficiency. Once the extraction is completed, the system comes to a standstill and the recirculation pump collects the cannabinoids rich miscella in a tank. This miscella is taken for further processing.

The further processing of cannabinoids rich miscella involves distillation, concentration and drying.

Filtration System:

The filtration system is optional as we already have integrated filter in the extractor itself. We normally supply plate and frame filter press. The numbers of filter plates vary on the basis of the volume of miscella to be filtered. The filter plates can be PP or SS.

For small volume filtration, we supply zero hold up filter press.

Distillation And Concentration System:

We use multiple effect evaporative systems using a LOW TEMPERATURE SHORT CONTACT DISTILLATION PATH. Hence the extracts produced are of having intact phytocannabinoids with high concentrations of various CBD and THC fractions in the extracts. The thermal degradation is completely avoided.

CGBS offers the distillation and concentration system with a unique and proprietary integration of forced circulation evaporation and molecular distillation systems. The number of stages of forced circulation evaporation depend on the volume of miscella to be evaporated. Our LTSCDP is integrated with secondary condensers for maximum recovery of solvents. This is achieved by applying chilled water.

Drying System:

Clean Green Biosystems offer Vacuum tray driers, rotacone driers, ribbon driers of various capacities. We supply suitable vacuum systems for the driers.

Downstream Processing System:

Clean Green Biosystems offer downstream processing systems to produce various fractions of CBD. The down stream processing equipments like column chromatography, ANFD, crystallizer, fractionation columns, washing columns, separating columns, pulverizers, mixers, blenders and rotary evaporators.

Clean Green Biosystems also offer preparatory equipments such as pulverizer, pelletizer, etc.

Clean Green Biosystems also offer, material conveying systems for charging the dry cannabis/hemp material into the extractors (conveyer, load cells, rotary valve etc) and spent material conveying systems.

We support our clients with the operation manuals of the supplied plants, SOP’s and maintenance services. Also, we impart training of the technical staffs of our clients during and after the commissioning of the plants.

The specialty of our equipments and Plant and machineries are:

a) All our equipments are made with pharma grade SS materials.
b) We provide Zero bacteria valves.
c) Our piping work conforms to pharma grade.
d) Our plants are always versatile in nature.
e) We provide all electrical items with FLP construction.
f) Our plants are integrated with efficient solvent recovery systems.
g) We provide skid mounted plant and machineries.
h) We also offer cGMP plants.